WIP Part 2 / 2021 iClone Lip-Sync Animation Contest / I Have Forgotten

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WIP / Part 2


This year I decided to participate in a contest from Reallusion. The previous year I created a “Moment Monument” artwork, which you can find here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GadX6N

For the contest this year I created a poem with a metaphor of life and love, expanding the idea of the previous year, that every person is a monument of itself.

The poem was inspired by Alexey Tyryanski, father of my friend Dilya. When we were 17, Alexey read us his poem, I was amazed by the idea of remembering someone through time and life, and I was keeping this in my heart since then.
Alexey’s poem you can find here: http://www.bards.ru/archives/part.php?id=39411

Then I decided to spice this idea with the problem of potential physical disability – real memory loss and inner conflict about this issue.
The problems of mental health and memory issues are fresh and may touch anyone accidentally, I am personally afraid to forget all those memories I had in life one day. Today it’s easy to get lost in the noises of tomorrow, to get confused, to become mentally overloaded, and to forget about really important things.

I want to remember about people I love and will try to feel the moment that will never get back and always be here at the same time – the moment of now.

Here is the poem I wrote:
I have forgotten your look,
I have forgotten your book,
How you cook, what it took
Us to reach to that point.
I have forgotten a coin
We dropped to the water, and never returned to that place.
Monuments, moments in space
I have forgotten…
(The text!)
But the only I wouldn’t forget is you…

Here is a link where you can find the full audio version of the poem: https://soundcloud.com/adaneal/i-have-forgotten

While preparing the visual part of this artwork I understood that there wouldn’t be enough time to visualize the whole poem, and this is a technical metaphor of life as well.
Such a life issue in a digital environment.

I wanted to split the poem into 3 parts with the same character at different ages. First – the youngest, then older, and then the oldest.
In the end, I decided to concentrate on the third part only.

I’m feeling a bit tired of young and beautiful 3D characters, as they are too perfect which is far away from reality, so the main character of this short is the oldest one.

This is the second time I’m testing out the iClone pipeline and have been amazed about the feature “Mouse Control” for body animations, which is a game-changer for applying mocap data to the character.

The last but not least, pipeline steps:
– writing the text of the poem,
– recording audio,
– importing audio and text to iClone with AccuLips tool which connects those with character visemes,
– cleaning up visemes,
– recording additional animation for the eyes and head with Live Face app and iPhone XR,
– connecting iClone and UE4 with Live Link,
– creating MetaHumans of different ages,
– recording MetaHuman facial animation with Live Link and Take Recorder in UE4 (iClone plugin works only in UE4 currently), body animation failed to go through Live Link, so only head rotations were transferred,
– opening the project in UE5,
– setting up the scene: lighting and environment (huge thanks to @nickkobetz, HUGE THANKS!),
– researching the lighting scheme in Cinema4D (@nickkobetz you are just great, thanks once more!),
– rendering out,
– adjusting the pitch in Audacity,
– crafting calligraphy for the title,
– combining everything together in iMovie,
– posting to Instagram and ArtStation.

Full poem #comingnotsoon #maybenever