“The Rapture” Part 8

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THE RAPTURE Part 8 “Escape all these things [taken together] that will take place”… Luke 21:36 (Bible study begins at the 36:51 mark after current events). God’s desire is not to sneak up on everyone regarding the End Time events, the Rapture of the Church or the Time of Your End.

So many “things” or signs that were foretold thousands of years ago in God’s Word are happening not just overseas but right here in Michigan and in America. It is exciting to know that Jesus is coming but, we need to be in God’s Word to give us peace because He told us what is happening right now and what is to come…He didn’t say don’t worry about it, no problems…He said, I command you to know this so you can have peace.

The New Testament writers commanded us to go read the “Never Wrong” Prophets so we would recall their predictions and repent, sound the alarm to others and live a life that is Holy as He is Holy as a living testimony to those around us that we believe Jesus is coming.

Jesus said He would send the Promised Holy Spirit and He would guide is into all truth (things written in the Word) with the revelation of the “things” or prophesies to come that are already written. The Holy Spirit would also remind us of: sin, judgment and righteousness listed in God’s Word se we wold be prepared, repent and not be deceived or duped by false teaching or no teaching/preaching at all regarding the Time of End.

Every Sunday night I also take the first 30 minutes before the study begins to look at the current events through the lens of scripture in response to the command by Jesus in Matthew and Luke to know the signs of His return. Everything is happening just like the Bible said it would…Jesus is coming!

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