Remote Together – The Reality Vaccine teaser

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Attention: On-site participation free of charge possible in Berlin, Amsterdam and to the public watching in Stuttgart. Registration via Eventfrog.

This is a tryout for which a charged smartphone, mobile internet, headphones and warm clothes are required.

We are looking forward to the meeting.

Start time 18:00

Meeting point (Berlin):Osloer Straße, between No. 107 and No. 108 (by the sign “Organism Democracy”)13359 Berlin

Meeting point (Amsterdam):Het Amsterdamse BosBosbaanweg, 1182DA Amsterdam

Meeting point (Stuttgart):Marienplatz, 70178 Stuttgart,

Remote Together – Reality Vaccine is a format that searches for new digital and hybrid forms of shared theatrical experience while bringing together different artists in Europe using new digital tools. For the first edition, Transit Productions is developing a series of simultaneous performances with theater maker Pankaj Tiwari (Amsterdam), the collective Club Real (Berlin), and visual artists Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek (Vienna) which will be experienced both locally and digitally.

At various European locations, the performers will go in search of the creatures of the city. Together with them, the audience follows the trail of man as an animal among animals, takes a look at pack formations and swarm intelligences that subtly organize our coexistence. These artistic expeditions take place simultaneously at all locations and each sends a signal to the central office. There, the live director produces a stream from the various feeds, which can be viewed and heard by the small swarms of local audiences – on the road or at the base station – via smartphone. In this way, the local audiences unite for the duration of the events to form a transnational supra-swarm, and the interventions and performances are related to each other.

Upon ticket purchase, you will receive the link to the stream, which will broadcast from 18:00 for the entire duration of each performance. The Edition For “Tools Festival” in Stuttgart is a Try out and Live Audience can participate in Berlin and Amsterdam. As well its Possible to join the Public Watching in Stuttgart.

To follow the live stream during the walk, you will need a charged smartphone, a stable internet connection, headphones and warm cloth.
Each of the Walks will take place outside. For people with limited mobility, it is possible to follow the livestream in a central venue or from home.

Performance: Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek (Wien), Pankaj Tiwari (Amsterdam) Club Real (Berlin), Transit Productions (Zürich) und weiteren

Florian Ronc
Yannik Böhmer
Raffael Greminger
Sarah Schoch
Ilona Stutz
Barbara Weber
Kati Rickenbach
Dominic Huber
Florian Ronc
Yannik Böhmer
Transit Productions (Zürich)