PowerPoint Sabbath School Q3 Lesson 2 “A Peaceful Parting” (July 10, 2021) | Shila & Kezia

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Have you ever had a hurtful argument? How did you feel? When there is conflict, someone usually gets hurt. Abraham discovered one way to avoid conflict, in this week’s lesson. Let’s take a look at the discussion on the program for this week. Have a Happy Sabbath and Happy Independence Bahamas!

PowerText: “So Abram said to Lot, ‘Let’s not have any quarreling between you and me, or between your herders and mine, for we are close relatives’”(Genesis 13:8).

PowerPoint: We follow God’s plan for solving conflicts when we put others first.

Download this week’s powerpoint lesson 2: https://www.juniorpowerpoints.org/assets/juniors/Lessons/2021/Q3/English/Student/PP-21-Q3-L02.pdf

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