HELLAΣTOCK 2014 | The Hanging City

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HELLAΣTOCK 2014 | The Hanging City

The Greek version of Bellastock took place for the first time in Athens on late summer 2014. Participants from eleven countries designed and constructed their own shelters out of fabric and rope. All of the constructions merged into one ephemeral city, the Hanging City of HELLAΣTOCK.

Directing and Montage: Smaragda Nitsopoulou
Camera: Dimitris Zampopoulos & Ilias Theodorakis
Music: Cayetano (Take Your Gun feat. Stefanatty // Day Boy) Visit: cayetanomusic.com

HELLAΣTOCK online: hellastock.org
HELLAΣTOCK on facebook: facebook.com/hellastock
HELLAΣTOCK ’14 Hanging City | Tour in Google Street View: https://goo.gl/maps/uuqP1