Bayashi TV

At first I think I need to make this vfx to use the method of miniature for these planet system’s matte painting shot. Planet is matte painting . but
Planet environment has an ancient civilization . therefore I thought about what is the best way for getting real shot . I thought about Its so difficult for me to paint to get the real lighting’s broken civilization . Accidentally I exhibited group show and I showed space craft miniature in gallery . I tried to take a photo that the miniature had installed in this exhibition .
I prepared for concept design that used by these part of miniature and concept design took place matte shot . Finally I used by camera projection for its shot and added the blowing sand effect on it . It’s hard for me to composite live action plate on it’s shot . I asked for compositor Norihito Nakanishi to get best match move . He done match move live action plate for its moving environment . may be its shot needed a most longest time for making all vfx shot .

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