【403h~_クチバシティ編】ペットの魚がポケモンクリア_Fish Play Pokemon【作業用BGM】

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#ポケモン #Pokemon #作業用BGM

現在プレイ中の魚 / Player: ララ / Lala

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  Basically, no progress.

  Older individuals swim slowly and often take a break
  (I hope you’ll be able to keep a warm welcome.)

  Once you press A or B button, there will be no judgment for 3 seconds.

 ・作業用BGM or チャットルームとしてご利用ください
  (暴言 , 過度の下ネタ , 生死に纏わる内容 , チャットの私物化)



■魚について _ About Fish

■メンバーシップ スタンプ作成
 @_mamma09_ 様

■コンテンツご利用前に視聴ください / Take a look before you use the content


In consideration of the physical condition of the fish, we have a 12-hour shift with two fish.
Sometimes I don’t move, but I usually sleep.

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レギュレーション / Rules

[手動で操作するケース]  [Manually operated cases]
 配信開始時における手動操作 / Manual operation at the start of the stream
   Move to the final reached point.(※1)
   Use of Pokémon Center
   Use of Pokémon Mart
   Granting items to Pokés
   Revise the moves (each Pokémon should learn at least 2 attack moves)

    Final reached point = the point where the fish got there on its own.

 最終到達地点に復帰させるタイミング / When to return to the final reached point
   At the start of the live streaming
   When the party is wiped out (only if the owner is at home)
   When player fish got too far away from the destination (only if the owner is at home)
   Other decisions made by the owner(※2)
   (※2) ・ルネジム攻略170時間目に時間制限付きで
      ・Since timestamp 170 h at beating Sootopolis gym, the decision has been made to         take special measures to repeat the return to the gym battle with time limits set.
       移動のみ復帰をアシストします(バトルは5連戦、また 配信者が家にいる時のみ)
      ・At the Pokémon League, there will only be the assist in moving back to the
last reached trainer
(when the owner is at home, 5 battle rounds chances in row will be granted.)

 配信に多様性を持たせる / Adding diversity to the live stream
   Change in the party, using the Pokémon Center, giving items and using Technique Machine
   (Give each Pokémon two or more attack moves.)

 ゲーム的な詰みが発生 / Also no process at all is possible.
When the game can only be proceeded manually, such with Rock Smash and Diving.
If the party can’t proceed, no matter how many hours they’re spending.
   (So far, I haven’t found a place to proceed manually.)

 学習装置について / About Exp. Share
Due to the game planning, it’s possible that low-level Pokémons won’t grow at all.
   → As for the Exp. Share, I’ll give it to the Poké with the lowest level at the begin of the stream.

 その他 / Other information
Depending on the game play it’s possible that I decide to proceed manually for a moment
In case the save data is lost in some way, I will create the reproduction data manually

※進捗によって変更の可能性あり ※Subject might change depending on progress.


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