Interview – Ronald Prado

Bayashi TV

Ronald Prado, a Vallenato artist.

35-year-old Ronald Prado, a native of Valledupar, is an artist who has managed to excel at the national and international level for his art. Prados’s art is inspired by the everydayness of the city mixed with indigenous iconography and popular graphics.

In 2012 he was part of the 14 ‘Salon Regional de Arte’ (Regional art competition) of the Caribbean in Colombia. He showcased his work in several spaces like “La vuelta a la manzana”, Espacio Artemisia, Bucaramanga (2013); “Espíritu viral” Galería La Escuela, Barranquilla (2014); e “Hibri-nación”, Sala de
proyectos de la Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá (2014).

He was the winner of an art contest called ‘Salon de artistas del Cesar’ in 2011, as well as the first prize in fine arts in a contest organized by the regional government ‘Convocatoria Departamental De Estímulos‘ in 2017.

Since a very young age, Prado showed a great affinity for art. He started out by drawing in his notebooks and then he explored the world of canvases. After completing high school, he began to study plastic arts in the Academy of Fine Arts in Valledupar and continued to study in the ‘Universidad Popular del Cesar’ for his bachelor’s degree in folklore and culture.

During his years of study, Prado began to discover other affinities, amongst which the theatre stood out. Prado claims that the theatre appeared naturally on the path of being an artist. For Prado, acting has been an
an important tool to express his ideas, inspirations and feelings using his voice and body.
Without a doubt, the convergence of all his different art outlets makes it possible for Prado to take inspiration from different sources and then approach his personal projects from a new perspective.

Prado believes that there is still a lot of cultural work to do in the city of Valledupar, so that art can be recognized as it should. Surely, this young artist will remain passionate about creating unique pieces of art that will continue to create an echo in Colombia.