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. René Dupéré is a composer and arranger
for Cirque du Soleil shows including
Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil,
La Magie Continue, Le Cirque Réinventé,
Nouvelle Expérience, Saltimbanco, Zed,
Mystère, Alegría, and Kà.
Dupéré’s Alegría album was nominated
for a Grammy Award in 1995 and spent
was on Billboard’s World Music Chart for
65 weeks. Albums Mystère and Kà were
also on the top of Billboard’s charts. His
albums have sold over four million copies!
Cirque often uses its made up language
for song lyrics. René Dupéré used Italian
for the Il Sogno di Volare (The Dream of
Flying) lyrics/vocals from Cirque du
Soleil’s Saltimbanco production. Below
is my translation of the Italian lyrics in
in this five-minute video:
Non mi lasciare peunata passione.
(Don’t leave me with passion.)
Non m’incatenare
(Don’t chain me)
a questo mundo pazzo.
(to this crazy world.)
Negl’occhi tuoi
(In your eyes)
fami mirare ed’anche se puoi.
(let me aim and even if you can.
||:Fammi se puoi.
(Make me if you can.)
Fammi se sognar.
(Take me on a dream-ride.) :||
||:Ne ciel v’? un giardino
(Is there is a garden in heaven?)
Non ch’e il paradiso.
(Not paradise.)
E una puntamento
(and it’s about)
al sogno di volar.
(the dream of flying.)
Con te anima mia,
(With you my soul,)
dolce sar il volo.
(sweet will be the flight.)
Con al testa nelle nuvole,
(With head in the clouds,)
sarem eterni.
(we will be eternal.) :|| 8va
Back to Intro, first three lines
(Non mi lasciare peunata passione.
Non m’incatenare
a questo mundo pazzo),
and then the chorus twice.
does not have the name of the sopranino/
coloratura soprano singing.
Wow! Nothing like the 1950s
Dean Martin hit “Nel blu, dipinto
di blu” ‘In the blue sky as I was
painted blue’ (“Volare”)!