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Extreme stress, anxiety and depression are like flames of fire that consume happiness, mental peace and comfort of life. Those who are struggling with depression and stress should be administered with special treatment. You must give them hope, love and compassion. Hope is very powerful as it gives us the courage to live. Love has the power to change the world. When a depressed patient gets some compassion from others, the feeling of hope is generated in the heart.

How are hypertension and stress dangerous for health?

Hypertension and stress have an adverse impact on blood pressure. As acid dissolves many solid objects, fire consumes objects, very similarly stress and hypertension eats away our inner strength. Slowly and gradually, people become victims of other mental disorders. Extreme stress also impacts on mental capabilities. Many people find themselves incompetent to take the correct decisions due to the influence of stress.

How are the leading online platforms changing the life of the youth?

The prestigious platforms like etherapy pro are changing the life of the youth. It is now being seen that youth are becoming patients of stress, anxiety, depression and mental disorders. At a young age, you should be energetic and optimistic. Online counselling platforms are really changing the life of the current generation. Just approach a reliable and prestigious platform to get some valuable guidance from an expert.

What are some of the activities that must be avoided by depression patients?

There are many activities that must be avoided by patients who are suffering from disorders like acute stress, anxiety and depression. First of all, refrain from activities such as smoking and drinking. You should not take refuge in alcohol because drinking does not bring any solution. Instead, approach platforms like e therapy pro. Do not indulge in overthinking because some problems go away with the passage of time. You cannot do anything to eliminate them. Do not read negative news if you are struggling with depression.

Why are so many people struggling with stress, depression and anxiety?

In the current time, countless people are struggling with stress, depression and anxiety. Some people are struggling with financial problems. There are many who have failed miserably in their love life. Failing to meet the career goals also gives birth to problems like stress and depression. It is also being seen that the cases of divorce are going up in the society. When the families break apart, many people struggle with depression and anxiety because their life is seriously disrupted.