Vegetarian Noodles – Veg Hakka Chowmein Recipe

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How To Make Best Veg Chowmein Street Style Food Recipe [ASMR]
最高のベジタリアン焼きそばレシピ. の作り方 [Eating sound]
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
– Water
– 1Tsp Salt
– 120g Dried noodle
– Medium heat 2 minutes
(中火 2分)
– 50g Cabbage
– 30g Bell pepper
– 30g Carrot
– 10g Green chilli
– 50g Onion
– Cooking oil
– 10g Garlic
– Medium heat 3 minutes
(中火 3分)
– 1Tbsp Soy sauce
– 1Tbsp Ketchup
– 1Tbsp Chili sauce
– 1Tbsp Water
– 1Tsp Sugar
– Salt
– Black pepper
– Medium heat 2 minutes
(中火 2分)
– Green onion
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All the recipes and dishes I have made are referenced and learned on the internet, youtube, google… I’m not the first to make them, not the first to create a certain dish. . I just change the ingredients to make the dish suit my taste. And I just hope my video has an easy way to communicate so that you can successfully make the dishes that you like. If anything bothers you, I sincerely apologize.
And the last thing I am not a professional chef. I’m just a normal person, thank you.
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