Sweet Desires Fictional Movie Title Sequence

Bayashi TV

Title Sequence for a Fictional Movie

Music Credit: Falling in Love by Us the Duo
Effects: VHS effect by Austin Newman and Glitch Effects by Enam Alamin
Stock Footage: Red Ink Drop by Stock Footage +

The year is 1992 and Thomas Riley (Dylan O’Brien) feels like it’s the end of the world. His Aunt Florence is dead under mysterious circumstances, his fiancee has kicked him to the curb, and to top it all off he’s been fired. Hoping to start over, Thomas finds himself in the small town of Sunnygrove, Colorado where his Aunt has left him her pride and joy: Sweet Desires Treats and Video Rentals. Too bad she’s also left him a mountain of debt and her lazy husband Sam (Clark Gregg) to take care of.

Gabriella Moreno (Barbie Ferreira) is the youngest in the Succubus clan in Sunnygrove. Tasked with her clan master Helena (Morena Baccarin) to make her first kill by midnight on Hallow’s Eve. Gabriella’s sister Mariella (Camilla Mendes) suggests Thomas as she senses that he’s easy prey.

It’s not difficult for Gabriella to get a job at Sweet Desires especially since Thomas is immediately enchanted by her. But when Thomas’s Guardian Angel Josiah (Manny Jacinto) arrives to intervene things get complicated, to say the least. As Thomas and Gabriella grow closer, strange and disturbing occurrences plague the town of Sunnygrove. Soon people are dropping like flies and Thomas wonders if this all connects back to what happened with Aunt Florence.

Gabriella meanwhile struggles with her newfound humanity. If she can’t bring herself to hunt and kill she will lose the only family she’s ever known. But Thomas’s kindness shows her that perhaps not all humans are as reprehensible as she’s been taught. As the madness swirls around Thomas and Gabriella they begin to fall in love. But the price of their love will be paid with blood and gore.