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We’ve been hearing a lot about distance learning lately. Well, I’m Charlie Wynn and you and I are going to perform distance magic: easy-to-do yet powerful magic that happens right in your hands.

Simply by following my directions, you will perform eight amazing illusions.

Instead of sleight-of-hand, I will use sleight-of-mind.

Instead of you asking some performer, “How did you do that?” you’ll be asking yourself “How did I do that?”

All you’ll need is a deck of cards and a paper clip to perform really powerful magic.

The original versions of the first five illusions are from Juan Tamariz’s Verbal Magic, a book that contains over forty such tricks and presentations.

Juan Tamariz writes, “They do everything themselves. The magician doesn’t touch a thing, and the methods are well disguised. When the effects take place in their own hands, the reaction multiplies enormously. The sensation of magic sends chills down the spines of the participants.”

The final three examples of self-working conjuring are from three of the nine pamphlets in Jim Steinmeyer’s Impuzzibility series, namely, Further Impuzzibilities, Treacherous Impuzzibilities and Devilish Impuzzibilities.

And now: Let the magic begin!