Do's and Don'ts of New Construction Upgrades | New Home Upgrades that Add Value

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Do you lose sleep at night wondering about new home upgrades that add value? Ensure you don't make the same mistakes many others have made before you. Check out the best new home upgrades and new home upgrades to avoid. Ensure you spend money on new home upgrades that are worth it and find ease in building a home.Hi guys, I'm Erica Parker, Houston Realtor and your Queen of Real Estate. And today we're talking about new home construction tips and the dos and don'ts of where to put your money in the new construction upgrades. So to start, the first place I think you should spend your money is in all the structural upgrades that you want to have done.No. 2 I would say you need to spend your money is in the kitchen. The first item is the cabinetry. I do recommend that you take the upper cabinets to 42" at least. And if you can, take them to the ceiling, then you'll have a more finished look. Also, if it's not included in the price to have granite countertops, I would upgrade to granite. If you're in the luxury market of $500,000 or more, I would say get what you want. But I do think that Quartz sells better than regular granite, or get granite with a higher-end look with veining through it. Next, I do think that you should go ahead and splurge for the gourmet kitchen option. Now the gourmet kitchen is usually the double oven, a cooktop, and then a built-in microwave somewhere. I also think that it should include a farm sink. And finally, in the kitchen, make sure that you have an Island if you can have an Island. It is one of the biggest things that is going to sell a home, especially if it's an oversized Island and having a big area for a more serving space.No. 3 is spending your money in the master bath. That can actually get you one of the best returns on your investment. I do think you should pay for the upgraded walk-in shower with the drop flooring so that you don't have to have the plastic pan in the bottom. The freestanding tub is very popular, too. Those lines on a freestanding tub is actually a very popular thing right now. You also want double sinks in the master if you can, and adult height countertops. Also, if it comes with granite, great, leave it at granite. If it doesn't, I recommend that you upgrade to granite and probably level one.Here are the things that I don't think you should spend your money on in the design area because either it doesn't add equity or it's a lot less expensive to do after closing on the house.1) Paint.2) Fixtures: light fixtures, faucets, doorknobs, all of that.3) Flooring: Carpet. Caveat, it's harder to rip out the tile that's already been laid, so if you do want something nicer, a different color tile or nicer tile, then go ahead and do that upgrade.4) Appliances. Caveat, if the appliance is included and you want to upgrade, I would go ahead and do the upgrade because then you don't want to be stuck with paying for two separate appliances.5) Crown molding.As I said before, it's all about what you want and what's going to make you happy. But you also want to understand what your return on investment is going to be if you ever were to resale this property. These are some of the items that I would not spend the money on for resale, you're not going to get your equity.We also provide advice on the following:-Home Buying Advice-Home Selling Advice-Real Estate Investing AdviceLearn about the Erica Parker Difference.Have a Real Estate need or question? Book a consult with today!☎ 281.222.8259� Useful Playlists for You �Learn Tips and Tricks for Selling Your House All Home Buyers Should Know Houston Spotlight Real Estate Information�� Don't Miss Our FREE Resources ��Parkbench – The Woodlands: A local site for information about Events, News, Real Estate and Local Businesses Secrets You Can't Afford to Miss (By Erica Parker) the Home of Your Dreams Without Overpaying (By Erica Parker) and Tricks for Selling Your Inherited Home (By Erica Parker)'s Ultimate Seller's Guide a Buyer Wants? Quiz for Determining Your Buying Criteria�� Follow Erica Parker on Social Media �� Realty is a top real estate brokerage in Houston and Nationwide. Our brokerage is unique in that they see the potential of a digital learning and marketing environment, while pursuing traditional forms of marketing as well.