Awesome Cat Harness

Bayashi TV

Ordered from YCB because they ship from USA. Was very similar to one ordered internationally, but YCB got it to be in 3 days after ordering. Much better than waiting 2 months and hoping it would show up. As for the harness, great quality! Be sure to measure your pet properly. Chest girth is important as well as the belly. I love how the “pull” pulls from the shoulders and not around the neck. Really easy to put on and take off. TIP: Put the harness on your cat and let them walk around the house for a while getting used to it a couple of times before taking them out on an adventure. They’ll get used to it in the comfort of their home first, then anytime you grab the harness, they’ll know it’s time to go outside 🙂 These are great and can’t wait for warmer weather for more kitty walks/adventures.